The City of Fairfax Adopt-A-Spot program is provided through the Community Appearance Committee (CAC) and Department of Public Works with the intent to encourage citizens and businesses to participate in litter cleanup of a designated area in their community at regular intervals. Through the program, consisting of the joint efforts of the City and members of its community, the City of Fairfax becomes a more beautiful, clean environment for all: residents, employees, and visitors.

Apply for the Challenge . . .

The Adopt-A-Spot program invites you to apply for the challenge of keeping a specific site in your community clean and tidy. Your adopted spot may be a site of your choosing, through approval and sponsorship of the City of Fairfax Department of Public Works, or one of their already approved sites. Sites located within City parks or trails will include coordination with the Department of Parks and Recreation.

  • Please click HERE to visit the Community Appearance Committee's official Adopt-A-Spot program webpage and to learn more about the program's application process.

Thank You . . .

Participation in and commitment to the Adopt-A-Spot program may be for any period of time that’s agreeable, and is always greatly appreciated. For participation and commitment lasting as long as 2 years or more and recycling as much as possible, the City will ensure the community knows who to thank by installing a sign, in recognition of your hard work and devotion, at your adopted spot.

How We Can Help

The City will assist you in obtaining the work materials required to clean up your adopted spot, and can pick up your bagged trash when you are finished. Please call (703) 385-7995 with the location requiring a pickup.

Safety First

  • If your spot is near a street, wear a bright orange safety vest to enhance your visibility. 
  • Sure, this is a hands-on job, but not bare hands-on; wear work gloves for protection.
  • Work only in daylight hours and good weather conditions.
  • Wear sunscreen and insect repellent as necessary.
  • Wear boots if your spot is a stream or creek area, or wear the appropriate protective shoes. Then you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward!


For more information, please feel free to contact us.

For information regarding volunteer and/or Boy Scout/Eagle Scout projects located within City parks or trails, please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation or visit our Volunteer Projects webpage.

For information on adopting spots or outdoor volunteering opportunities located outside of the City of Fairfax, please contact the Fairfax County Park Authority or visit the Clean Fairfax Council's Adopt-A-Spot webpage.