Policies and Regulations

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Bắn cá bầuThe Parks and Recreation Department have a series of policies and procedures that they follow when serving the residents of the City of Fairfax.  For more information about any of these topics, please click on the links below.


Permission and Consent 

Bắn cá bầuIn consideration of the registrant being granted permission by the City of Fairfax, Virginia to participate in this program and associated activities, I hereby release the City of Fairfax, Virginia and its officers, employees, agents, and volunteers from any and all liability relating to or arising out of the registrant’s participation. I authorize the City of Fairfax and its officials, employees, agents and volunteers, at any such person’s discretion to administer emergency first aid treatment and at my expense to obtain the services of a physician(s) and/or rescue squad and authorize the same to effect such treatment of the registrant as they deem advisable. Participants in activities sponsored or cosponsored by the Park and Recreation Department consent to the department’s use of any photograph, in film or videotape of the activity in any marketing or promotional materials. I further understand that Parks and Recreation classes are to be enjoyed by all from youth through adults. Participants that continually disrupt the class and/or program experience for others will be asked to withdraw from the class and/or program with expectation of a refund, if applicable, for the balance of the class/and or program.


City of Fairfax ADA Policy

The City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. The City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department will make reasonable accommodations in recreation programs to enable participation by an individual with a disability who meets essential eligibility requirements for that recreation program. The ADA requires that recreation programs offered by City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation Department be available in the most integrated setting appropriate for each individual.


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