Dog License Requirements and Application

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Lifetime Dog Tags Are Coming to the City!

Beginning September 27, city residents will be purchasing lifetime dog tags.

The new tags will cost $10 per dog — and will be purchased the same way as previous dog tags were purchased. (Note: The price will increase to $20 on January 1, 2022.)

The new tags will:

  • Reduce dog owners' tax burden over the course of a dog’s lifespan
  • Improve convenience by eliminating dog license renewal requirements

Why do I need a dog tag anyway?

According to state code section 3.2-65, all dogs older than four months of age are required to have a current rabies vaccination, and purchase a dog license from the locality in which they live. The General Assembly made this decision to help prevent the spread of rabies in Virginia.

When dogs are vaccinated against rabies, veterinarians are required to submit that documentation to your local Treasurer’s Office.

Bắn cá bầuDog owners who have not yet purchased a dog license by the time the documentation is submitted will receive a license application from the Treasurer's Office, with instructions on how to purchase a license.

If you previously received a renewal notice, you will notice a few changes to the form:

  • Next to your dog’s name, you will see important notes regarding the rabies vaccination status
  • The multiple tag types and costs no longer appear
  • Your dog’s spay/neuter status is no longer a factor in the cost of the license

Lost or missing tags?

No problem: after purchasing your initial lifetime license, the replacement cost for a lost tag is just $1.

How do I purchase?

Lifetime licenses may be purchased in person at the Treasurer's Office, City Hall Room 234,  beginning September 27, 2019 — or download the application below and mail $10 and the completed application (along with the rabies certificates, which will be returned with license).

For more information, call the Treasurer’s Office at 703.385.7900.

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Get your application here!


NOTE: There are NO refunds for unused years of the multiyear tags.

Cats are not licensed, but must be vaccinated against rabies. For information on all animal laws, call the animal warden at 703.385.7924