Security Alarm System

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Bắn cá bầuEvery owner or tenant of any commercial or industrial premises protected by an operative security alarm system is required to obtain a security alarm permit.

  • A one-time fee of $25 is charged for the permit; residential property is exempt from this fee.

  • A penalty of $50 will be assessed against the commercial or industrial owner or tenant of any premises with an operative alarm system who fails to obtain a permit. 

  • Every alarm system owner (including residential property) is allowed two false alarms annually.
    • A service charge of $100 is assessed for the third false alarm,
    • $150 for the fourth false alarm,
    • $200 for the fifth false alarm,
    • $250 for the sixth false alarm,
    • $300 for the seventh false alarm,
    • $350 for the eighth false alarm, and
    • $500 for the ninth false alarm and each false alarm thereafter in each calendar year.


Alarm Permit Applications Bắn cá bầuare available online or through the Treasurer’s Office.  Please read the second page of the application for further instructions.


Room 234, City Hall
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